Model and promote these behaviors within your peer groups as ways for aquarium hobbyists, backyard pond owners and water gardeners to show our environmental ethic and conservation behaviors

This is a very important component of HabitattitudeTM. With the growth and expansion of our global economy, the movement and establishment of live, nonnative species around the world has become one of the most challenging resource conservation issues we face. A variety of commercial activities accidentally introduce these aquatic invasive species and recreational users unknowingly spread them to other waters. If they become established, aquatic invasive species can wreak environmental havoc, degrade aquatic resources and make waters unusable for recreational and commercial activities. They can also impact human health, and economists estimate costs at over $100 billion annually, which is more than earthquakes, floods and fires combined.

Since our activities deal with live, ornamental species, we are facing greater scrutiny from governmental agencies that regulate the live species trade and an increase in negative public perceptions about our hobbies. In order to stand up to this scrutiny and to change public perceptions about our hobbies, we need to embrace HabitattitudeTM and everything it stands for and join with the partner organizations to promote the environmental values associated with our hobbies. By discussing HabitattitudeTM at aquarium society meetings and promoting the campaign through our newsletter and websites, we demonstrate our environmental ethic and show the larger public that our hobbies are environmentally responsible.