Become A Partner

This section provides information about how your organization can become a partner, the requirements of this partnership and a database of the existing campaign partners.

  • Partnership Requirements
    Since this campaign is partially funded by congressionally appropriated dollars, the primary sponsors are required to be accountable for the use of these public funds. To establish this accountability, the partners have created a Brand Use Agreement, a Brand Standards Manual and a Reporting Requirement.
    • Brand Use Agreement
      Fill out the partnership form, sign and return the Brand Use Agreement to either the Fish and Wildlife Service or the Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council. This is to ensure that you have read through and agree with the terms of this agreement. Since the campaign materials are trademarked, this agreement helps us to ensure the proper use and establishes a degree of accountability for the campaign.
    • Adherence to Brand Standards
    • Inclusion and Representation of Partner Logos
    • Reporting Requirements
      Organizations interested in becoming a formal partner will agree to provide the primary partners (FWS and PIJAC) representative samples of materials with the HabitattitudeTM brand, and a brief description of where and how these materials were used. Further; they will provide data indicating the volume of distribution and use of HabitattitudeTM Brand Features by Brand User, and a reasonably estimated cost associated with the Brand User's participation in the campaign through use of HabitattitudeTM Brand Features. PIJAC agrees that such data will be used exclusively for cumulative evaluation and reporting relative to the scope, cost and success of the campaign.
  • Online Partnership Form
    Fill out the partnership form, submit it and you will be contacted regarding your interest.
    Please choose from one of these two forms:
  • Database of Current Partner Organizations & Contact Information
    Access this database to see what organizations have joined and are actively participating in the HabitattitudeTM campaign.