About Us - The Partnership

HabitattitudeTM is a national initiative developed by the ANS Task Force and its partner organizations. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service serves the lead federal agency for HabitattitudeTM; however, there are some very distinct differences between this and previous ANS Task Force initiatives. HabitattitudeTM has the significant support and involvement of two different, but related sectors; the pet and aquarium trade and the nursery and landscape industry. This support and involvement is what separates HabitattitudeTM from other initiatives and it will ultimately make this campaign successful.

In addition to the involvement of these industries, two key players are the National Sea Grant College Program and state fish and wildlife agencies. The National Sea Grant College is a dynamic, national university-based network of over 300 institutions involving more than 3,000 scientists, engineers, educators, students and outreach experts. This network works on a variety of topics vital to human and environmental health—topics such as water quality coastal hazards and biotechnology. Through their research, education and outreach activities, Sea Grant has helped position the United States as the world leader in marine research and the sustainable development of coastal resources. The Great Lakes Sea Grant Network will play a key role in engaging aquarists, pond owners and water gardeners in HabitattitudeTM.

In most states, the state fish and wildlife agency is responsible for regulating the commercial use of live species. These agencies serve as important partners due to this regulatory responsibility, which ultimately serves to protect and conserve the public's shared fish and wildlife resources.